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34,40 EUR / Lm (incl. V.A.T)

Brand Tassoglas
Collection Stock Items
Product Nr. G100AN-STK
Width 1.00  m
Height 12.50  m


Made to literally resist anything.. Specialized wallcoverings made from glass fibers, with resistance to knocks, fire, and water.. A collection with which we have covered walls and ceiling of countless hotels all around Cyprus, at Hotels in Greece, as well as the Larnaca and Paphos Airports.. A perfect solution for problematic walls that have cracks and uneven surfaces, or which must comply to the highest specifications that only Tassoglas can offer.. Colour choices are truly endless, since these specialized wallcoverings can accept any kind of paint.. And when you are fed up of the colour you used the first time, you can repaint your wall on top, exactly as you would have done with a normal wall.. Ideal for corridors and columns that are more vulnerable to hits, in toilets and bathroom where minor cracks and mould is usually presented.. Due to the special wove of Tassoglas, it allows the wall to “breath” and with this way does not lock the mould from coming to the surface, avoiding huge damages that would be caused if using an ordinary vinyl wallpaper.. The resistance of this material to water, not only will keep your wallcovering unharmed while mould comes through to the surface, but will also accept the roughest and most frequent wash.. Project we have covered with Tassoglas since 1987, remain intact until today, and the only maintenance it might ever need is a fresh coat of paint to bring the colour to life..


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